Monday, November 17, 2014

November Beauty Favorites

Happy Monday! it's been a while since i did a Beauty Favorites.
I  bought some great beauty/makeup products last month that i'm excited to share with you all.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation 

My Bare Minerals Ready foundation was running out and was on the search for a paraben free and natural foundation. I loved my Bare Minerals but i was looking for something with a more natural look and not too heavy.

In the beginning i had a love hate relationship with the Tarte airbrush foundation ,the coverage wasn't so good compared to Bare Minerals Ready  and it didn't cover much of the redness in my face.

Many people buy the kabuki brush to apply this foundation but for me the foundation was on the expensive side let alone buying a expensive brush with it. I use a makeup sponge and it works fine for me.

After a week I bought it,i started to like this foundation.With a good concealer i get a good coverage and i look natural, it's like i'm not wearing makeup at all. The airbrush finish makes my skin look better than it actually is, with a healthy glow, almost flawless.

Biore Deep Pore Charcoal CleanserSelf Heating One Minute Mask

These are two amazing products from Biore i'm LOVING. The charcoal cleanser cleans your face from dirt and impurities two times better than a regular cleansing. I love the cool menthol feeling on my face.

 FYI i have sensitive combination skin, i usually breakout with anything that has fragrance and oil but i have nothing to complain about this cleanser. My skin seems clearer and clean after one use.

The mask is my favorite of both products. I like to use it in the shower because it can be messy. This is a dark grey charcoal mask, the heat is activated by water, be ready to feel the strong heat and menthol odor, the heat opens your pores and cleans deeply.

 After a minute the cooling sensation will come and lasts for some minutes. My skin feels deeply clean and so refreshed. You get only four packets for about $5.99, but i think it's worth the cost considering the effectiveness.

Benefit Brow Zings/Dark

I was at local Ulta in Asheville, NC looking for a good eyebrow shaping product. The sales lady recommended me Benefit Brow Zings. i had read reviews before about it but i wanted to see the actual colors and buy the right one. I bought the shade dark for dark brown to black hair. The powder and wax is brown but blends well with my dark brown hair.

What i like about is the wax and powder kit. The wax gives a nice shape to my messy eyebrows and the powder fills, making my eyebrows more soft and natural. The kit also includes a mini tweezers and a small angle brush and blending brush.

MAC Lipstick Matte Velvet Teddy

I'm crazy about neutral-nude lipsticks. Velvet teddy is the perfect nude with the right amount of pink color so my lips don't look pale. It's a creamy matte beige pink color. I like to always apply first lip balm to hydrate more my lips because it's a matte formula. Even Though is a matte formula it doesn't dry out my lips because is creamy.

Thymes Temple Tree Jasmine Body Lotion 

I fell in love with this lotion after i saw on sale on a fancy spa in Asheville NC. I took a shower and applied on my skin and wow,the smell of blooming jasmine was overwhelming and so pleasant! i got to buy an extra bottle for my mother since she's crazy about jasmine too.

This lotion has shea butter and silky coconut milk. Simply a delight for my skin.

Have you tried some of these products? What are favorites New Beauty Products?


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